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BLACK GROUP of companies known today as (Black Holding) established in 2008 which is a premier diversified investment conglomerate active inside and outside of Kurdistan and Iraq.

Managed by Consultant lawyer Imad K. Saeed who is the Owner and CEO of Black Group of companies. Mr Imad is Member of the World Council for Law Firms and Justice (WCLF).He is Economic and political analyst & Former candidate for the presidency of the republic of Iraq.

Black Group specializes in a broad spectrum of Trade and business and variety of other businesses ranging of Construction and Contracting, Printing and Graphic ,Travel and Tourism, Financial and Real Estate Investment, Home Appliances, Electronic materials Cigarette trade ,oil services ,oil trading ,agricultural investment and livestock from Advocates legal in 1998 as the owner is lawyer .

Black Group occupies the highest ladder of leading local companies that’s why Black Group ranks among the top largest companies operating in whole Iraq and Kurdistan.

All Black Group of companies unites and coordinates their efforts under the “umbrella” of Black Group Company (Black Holding). This umbrella – the mother company – provides to its subsidiaries a set of common services across a broad network of strategic alliances. These alliances that have been built over the extended period of time provides an increased depth and extensive expertise in the group, as well as provide greater opportunities for cost savings by taking advantage of economy opportunities that are available. At Black Group, no individual is more important than the importance of the team create an environment whereby company members work and collaborate to produce a variety of services to various clients group.

Since its existence, Black Group has won respect and trust of all partners and customers in its respective markets. It has been weaving bonds of relationships that have become one of the pillars of growth and prosperity for the group. While we thank everyone individually, we look forward to keeping our being as a one solid body.

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Our company consists of a group of private sector companies that make investments and contract like building companies with the Iraq and Kurdistan Region Government and worldwide.